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How It Works: Behind the Scenes leverages cutting-edge algorithms and AI technology to analyze feedback in real-time, ensuring that only genuine insights reach your designs. Our proprietary VoterStyles algorithm takes into account diverse tastes and evaluation methods, valuing each perspective.

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At, our mission is to empower individuals to comprehend the online and real-life impact of their artistic endeavors. We recognize that each design possesses its own unique artistic essence, and our platform is dedicated to helping you uncover yours. What narrative do your design choices convey to your audience?

We're Artfeeler, not Peoplefeeler—our focus lies in evaluating visuals, not individuals.

We provide a platform for refining your artistic presence. In a world where first impressions are paramount, enhancing the quality of your visual artwork can be a game-changer, distinguishing between talented artists and those with mediocre designs.


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